ActionAid has its roots in the Netherlands as a strong, activist-oriented anti-apartheid movement. After apartheid was abolished, three streams of this movement merged to form NiZA, the Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa.


To achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with people living in poverty and exclusion, their communities, people's organisations, activists and social movements.

Geographic focus

Africa, Asia and South-America

Programme areas

– Address the structural causes of violence against women and girls and secure women’s economic justice.

– Ensure increased civic participation and state accountability for the redistribution of resources and delivery of quality, gender-responsive public services.

– Strengthen resilient livelihoods and secure climate justice.

– Drive transformative women-led emergency preparedness, response and prevention.

*In the first decade of existence, NiZA focused particularly on freedom of expression, democracy building and economic justice in Southern Africa,