The foundation was set up in 2017. It pursues the national public program initiated by the former French President of the Republic of France. The Foundation was founded by 4 majors donors (Total SA, BNP Paribas, Andros and Artémis), with 3 main public companies (Groupe La Poste, Caisse de depots and Agence Française de développement). Its board also consists of 5 qualified personalities
Foundation La France s'engage promotes civil society's engagement through innovation, solidarity and initiatives useful for all. Through these initiatives it enhances direct services for the well-being of communities and sustainable development. According to its bylaws, the Foundation's objectives are to: -Identify initiatives in France, and abroad if these initiatives can inspire those in France; -Provide grants to these initiatives to support their long-term economic development in France or abroad; -Promote these initiatives among French public national and local institutions but also at international level, where relevant; -Contribute to the public debate and propose innovative solutions in line with UN Sustainable Development goals.
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