To stimulate growth and welfare in the area of Modena and contribute to improving the community's conditions
Geographic focus
Modena, Italy
Programme areas
The foundation focuses on the following areas:

• Art, cultural activities and heritage
• Scientific and technological research
• Activities of considerable social value

Art, Cultural Activities and Heritage
Supports the following:

• Restoration of works of architectural and historical-artistic interest
• Musical activities promoted by local bodies and associations
• Theatrical activities
• The promotion of exhibitions organised by the foundation itself or in collaboration with other bodies
• The promotion of cultural events
• The publication of monographs and series on issues of historical and artistic interest
• The promotion of educational activities
• The acquisition of unpublished manuscripts, negatives and post-1945 historical-artistic evidence within the framework of the ""ArchivioArte"" project

Scientific and Technological Research
Supports the following:

• The purchase of equipment for diagnosing and preventing disease
• Financing research projects of national standing
• Fellowships to researchers of Modena university
• Setting up Centres of Excellence co-funded by other bodies

Activities of Considerable Social Value
Supports the following:

• Initiatives targeted at disadvantaged groups (the elderly, juveniles and families suffering hardship, the physically and mentally disabled)
• The building of sheltered facilities, residential and social centres
• Renovating property for social use
• Awareness campaigns and educational projects for young people
• The purchase of motor vehicles for emergency services
• Projects for enhancing sport as an educational and non-competitive practice