NGENA Foundation, formerly Housing for HIV Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 that was created in Washington DC to fund a pioneering programme of home based testing and treatment, as a risk management tool. The Housing for HIV Foundation increased its scope beyond HIV treatment in 2014, and with that metamorphosis, The Ngena Foundation emerged
The foundation's main activity is to facilitate drug treatment therapy for South Africans with HIV/AIDS.
In addition, the Foundation assists in facilitating homeownership in South Africa in low-income, working class communities and for individuals with HIV/AIDS.
When South Africa had limited options to access HIV testing and treatment with a lack of political will, H4H (housing for HIV);
- provided home based HIV testing, and counselling to lower income people who had home loans
- facilitated access to and paid for appropriate treatment for affected parties, in an effort to ensure that they did not lose their homes as a result of HIV and AIDS related illness
Over time the environment and need changed.
Their mandate was expended, and their name changed into NGENA Foundation to fit the new way.
The mission of the NGENA Foundation is to facilitate access to finance for purposes of home ownership for lower and middle income people, including those with HIV/Aids, in under resourced communities, for purposes of, inter alia, home ownership, development of affordable housing stock and the creation of micro-, small-, and medium- enterprises where finance for such endeavours is not ordinarily available through the commercial market. (Application Form) Ngena uses business practice and technology to bring access to those who do not have it - whether it is access to HIV treatment, access to housing, access to finance, or access to banking. They use banking systems, insurance programmes and business practice to enhance the existing, create the necessary, and financially support the eligible.
Geographic focus
South Africa, Africa
Programme areas
Currently main programme areas are:
- providing home based testing and counselling
- facilitating treatment through medical aid organisations and government clinics

Expanded mandate:
- facilitating access to life changing financial services
- finance for creditworthy to buy their own homes
- micro enterprise finance to allow small businesses to develop and grow
- affordable housing stock, through construction finance
- banking to lower and middle income people in under resourced communities
- funding to small projects where the beneficiaries hardly have sufficient resources to maintain their programmes, let alone raise funds