Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe 2019

4-8 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium

What is the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe?

Based on the success of our Philanthropic Leadership Platform exchanges between China and Europe, and Latin America and Europe, the EFC is launching a new Philanthropic Leadership Platform in partnership with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation; the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: Russia-Europe. Participants will explore what’s next in philanthropy and learn from some of their most innovative peer organisations.

What broad themes will this year’s programme focus on?

The first edition of the exchange will focus on the question of how philanthropic organisations can co-create, learn, adapt and scale lasting solutions to societal challenges.

The exchange will be informed by opinion pieces about how philanthropy has evolved and future trends, collected by the EFC in the framework of its 30th anniversary, as well as a working paper along similar lines produced by the Center for Philanthropy Development of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.

How is the programme structured?

The programme starts off with a welcome dinner on 4 November, followed by 4 days of exchange among the 20 participants (10 from Europe and 10 from Russia). Participants engage in group and plenary interaction, and active exchange with high-level experts and leaders of institutions in the public, private and voluntary sectors. The programme is built on the following specific activities:

  • Group work on specific topics
  • Plenary discussions
  • Lectures and trainings
  • Intergroup workshops
  • Excursions to other foundations and non-profit organisations
  • Site visits to local philanthropy projects

Visit the event website for a detailed day-by-day programme

Who is eligible?

This programme is open to representatives of the following types of organisations:

– Private foundations (operational and/or grantmaking)

– Corporate foundations or corporations involved in grantmaking

– Public charities and associations

– Philanthropy infrastructure organisations

– Other types of philanthropic organisations

EFC members will be given priority in the selection of European participants. Applicants should be fully committed to actively participating and engaging in the programme and respecting the confidentiality of other participants. The applicant’s organisation should fully support the applicant’s total participation for the duration of the programme. As the programme is conducted in English, the ability to work in English is essential.

Find out who was selected for the 2019 edition.

When and where?

4-8 November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

The programme location alternates annually between Europe and Russia, with a new set of participants each year. Participants will get the opportunity to visit locations within a two-hour travel range, as well as experience first-hand the work of philanthropy and NGOs locally.


There are no registration costs for the programme. Participants are responsible for covering the costs of travel to/from the programme location, including costs associated with visas; and accommodation costs. All other costs associated with the programme will be covered by the organisers.

About the organisers

The programme is funded by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and led by the EFC in partnership with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation, an EFC member, is one of the largest private foundations in Russia and works towards developing a philanthropy culture, uniting creative professionals who play a key role in solving current public issues and achieving sustainable social change; and provides opportunities for new ideas and creates a favourable environment to make them come true.

The European Foundation Centre is an association of philanthropic organisations with members from across Europe and the globe, working to strengthen the sector and make the case for institutional philanthropy as a formidable means of effecting change.

More information

Please address any questions you may have to Sevda Kilicalp, EFC Thematic Networks Coordinator.

Visit the event website for the latest information and updates on the event.


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