The EFC Policy and Programmes work has two core objectives. First, to be the voice of institutional philanthropy in Europe. This means communicating to stakeholders the value of organised philanthropy to society while at the same time ensuring that the right policy conditions for philanthropic activity exist. Second, we serve as a centre of sector knowledge and exchange, to help increase intelligence on and the impact of our members’ activities.

We achieve these twin objectives by providing the following key services to EFC members:

  • Brokering joint activity and relationships: By combining the knowledge and experience of our members, we aim to create opportunities for shared activities. We aim to be a catalyst for joint projects and engagement with high level decision makers.
  • Intelligence analysis: We identify and analyse both the critical trends in the external policy environment and within our sector, ensuring a solid basis for activities that respond to member needs.
  • Shaping the external environment: We develop comprehensive sector responses that communicate the value of philanthropy and the importance of securing the right external conditions. By working together as a sector and engaging with key decision makers, we amplify our voice in Europe and around the world.
  • Peer to peer learning: Through our learning and exchange programmes, we serve as a platform for members to exchange and learn best practices in thematic areas as well as day-to-day operations.
  • Executing programmes on specific topics: We bring together networks of funders active on specific topics to plan together strategically and combine expertise and resources.