To provide a safe and trusted space to exchange practices, discuss organisational, regulatory and market constraints and opportunities to grow social investment.

For several decades now, institutional philanthropy has been looking to expand its philanthropic toolbox to increase impact. One broad area of exploration, learning and experimentation is related to how philanthropic organisations are using the power of their financial assets – grants as well as capital to do more.

This area comprises a range of approaches: programme-related investments, social investment, mission-related investing (MRI) and venture investments. While discussion about definitions continues, all represent a form of investment of grant and/or capital assets in initiatives that aim to deliver societal return/impact as well as financial return (from return of invested amount to market or above market returns)

The EFC is starting up a community of practice to support members who are already using social investment tools or looking to add these to their toolbox – to share practices, explore issues of common interest and opportunities to work together. The community is open to EFC members-only.


The Social Investing community is part of the EFC’s ongoing commitment to improving peer-learning and collaboration among its members. For more information on the EFC’s seven key priorities, please download the EFC Strategic Framework 2016-2022