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The EFC is excited to launch a new digital tool which will revolutionise the way we identify key trends and gain insights on our membership . The Compass will make sharing data fun, fast and easy, but critically will also provide instant benchmarking and a clear insight into the direction our membership is steering in. EFC members – get on board with the Compass and come with us on this exciting journey! We need your collaboration!

What is Compass?

Compass is a tool designed to capture and share information about EFC members. Compass contains a series of multiple choice, easy to complete questions that provides instant insights to give value to our members.

Why launch Compass?

One of the most valuable activities members tell us we do, is connect them with like-minded organizations. By acting as a central repository of knowledge and insights about the philanthropic sector, we can provide members with insights and intelligence that can guide strategic decision making. All membership organizations have this role – and we do it for our members.

Why is Compass an improvement?

There are a number of different ‘off the shelf’ survey options that can be used to collect information from members. Previously we have used ‘Survey Monkey’. However, it was time consuming to design, time consuming to complete, difficult to share, and took a long time to process responses. What we have designed with Compass is a tool that is tailored to our needs as an organization and the philanthropic sector.

Compass has many new features, but the three key improvements are:

  1. Much easier and quicker to complete – with simplified questions, and a user friendly interface that can be accessed ‘on the go’. The tool saves your last response so there is no need to re-enter data if nothing has changed since the last time you completed it
  2. Instant benchmarking – rather than waiting a year for the results to be processed, Compass provides instant benchmarking reports so that you know how your organization compares to your peers
  3. Secure – Because the tool is designed specifically for EFC we have built-in security measures (like email protection) to ensure the data you provide is secure and is stored in full compliance with GDPR

 How to use Compass

The tool is live! Head over to and follow the instructions!

What does the future look like for Compass?

This is only the first step. We’re taking steps to evolve and develop Compass to enable our members to explore new areas of data. We already have some new features in the pipeline to make Compass even more useful, including benchmarking against specific foundations / philanthropic institutions. Let us know what features you would like to see!

For more information, contact Lucia Patuzzi