Representing at the EU Institutions

We use our seats on policymaking and consultative bodies at the EU Institutions to advocate for a favourable operating environment for philanthropy.

Member EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) Liaison Group

In addition to our issue-based policy work on behalf of the sector through our seat on the EESC Liaison Group, we also represent EFC members and the wider philanthropy sector on this body regarding the operating environment for philanthropy. Recently, through the EFC’s seat:

  • Philanthropy was included and recognised in the Liaison Group’s action plan on Article 11 of the EU Treaty, which deals with how the EU interacts with civil society. The action plan also called for an enabling playing field for philanthropy (2018). All of this means that philanthropy will be recognised in its own right, opening up the way for the sector’s unique requirements and characteristics to be taken into account.
  • Tax incentives were suggested in the EESC’s own opinion on Financing of Civil Society Organisations by the EU, adopted in (2017).

EESC Liaison Group

Member EC Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises

The EFC was selected to be in this group of experts on social economy and social enterprises, set up by the Commission’s DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (“DG GROW”) in 2018.

The group provides a forum for coordination, synergies and exchange of information between Commission departments and social economy experts to overcome the main challenges and obstacles relating to the development of social economy and social enterprises. The group also gives input into future directions for EU investment.

EC Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises

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