26th May, 2016
18:00 - 21:30


NedPho Dome (former Gerardus Majellakerk)
Batjanstraat 3, 1094 RC Amsterdam

Useful Information

Bus ride of approx. 10 minutes, no walking
Short pitches and musical performance
Light dinner

Community foundations provide an effective model for philanthropy on a local scale. Even in an increasingly globalized and digital world, people remain committed to their own neighborhood. As governmental budgets shrink, community foundations in and outside Europe are proving of ever greater social value, caring for and promoting local facilities and activities. However, even after meticulous preparation, operating them well and securing means for the long term may turn out quite difficult. During the evening, a pub quiz will challenge participants with questions on dilemmas that many community foundations encounter and they’ll be able to share experiences, insights and ideas on these and matters alike, as well as enjoy a musical performance in the NedPho Dome, a former church now serving as venue for rehearsals, educational activities and home to the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.


80-100 persons
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