A group of senior financial and investment officers of large independent European foundations aiming to advance the knowledge on the investment environment and practice of foundations across Europe and further the professionalism of its members.

Focus areas

  • Investment governance
  • Endowment asset management
  • Financial market trends
  • Global economic outlook


In addition to partnership building, convening and knowledge sharing, the network specifically engages in the following activities:
  • Bi-annual meetings combining peer-to-peer learning and information exchange and discussions with external experts
  • Annual members' survey on investment policies and practice
  • Issue-specific surveys on key aspects of foundation investments (e.g. investment governance, spending policy)
  • Building an information base on foundation investments
  • Ongoing exchange with the US-based Foundation Financial Officers Group (FFOG)  and a joint conference every five years exploring long-term trends, dilemmas and opportunities endowed foundations face

Steering Committee

Network background

The idea of creating a platform for European foundation financial officers to address specific European investment issues was tabled by members of the EFC with the Van Leer Group Foundation leading the process towards the establishment of EFFIO in 2002. EFFIO currently has 26 Members from 10 countries with a collective asset base of approximately €100 billion.

The European Foundation Financial and Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) is part of the EFC’s ongoing commitment to enhancing collaboration and connecting its members. For more information on the EFC’s seven key priorities, please download the EFC Strategic Framework 2016-2022