Increasing philanthropy’s role and effectiveness in advancing sustainable and inclusive growth in cities; tackling urban poverty, promoting equitable development and opportunities; and strengthening local governance and citizen participation in local decision making.

Focus areas

  • Infrastructure needs
  • Community well-being and public safety
  • Good governance and leadership transparency
  • Citizen participation in decision making
  • Social inclusion
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience


In addition to partnership building, convening and knowledge sharing​, the network specifically engages in the following activities:
  • Organising peer-learning webinars on examples of successful approaches and methodologies in cities and thematic webinars on the global processes linked to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the Habitat III agenda.
  • Compiling a series of case studies on effective philanthropic involvement in cities.
  • Maintaining an online sharing and learning platform to discuss common challenges and share useful resources.
  • Hosting a networking/outreach event to connect with other foundations during the EFC AGA and Conference 2015 in Milan.
  • Organising an annual autumn conference reaching a wider network of philanthropic actors and featuring local examples and success stories.


Network background

The creation of the Forum is one of the key outcomes of the joint EFC-Council on Foundations-WINGS Global Philanthropy Leadership Initiative (GPLI), following an appreciation that independently of where they are, their size, or even stage of development, cities share a number of core characteristics and face the same fundamental challenges. Cities are also key spaces for philanthropic investment, impact and innovation across all spheres of life. Foundations have the attributes and assets to support the processes, capacities and innovations, both at the local level and across geographic boundaries, that are essential to building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable urban future.

The Funders Forum for Sustainable Cities (FFSC) is part of the EFC’s ongoing commitment to enhancing collaboration and connecting its members. For more information on the EFC’s seven key priorities, please download the EFC Strategic Framework 2016-2022