Good Practices

Topic Icon 04 December 2020

Innovation in Africa-Europe Relations beyond COVID-19

"Innovation in Africa-Europe Relations beyond COVID-19" is a series of events aiming to create a space where new innovations and initiatives to address an equal partnership between Africa and Europe can be discussed. This event series, co-hosted by the Robert...

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Global Challenges, Peace-building

Topic Icon 13 November 2020

Counting Sex Workers In!

The Counting Sex Workers In! campaign sought puts a spotlight on sex worker-led advocacy and highlight the voices and perspectives of sex workers of all genders so as to advance understanding that sex workers’ rights are human rights and a feminist...

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Gender, Human Rights and Citizenship

Topic Icon 30 October 2020


YouthBank is a participatory youth empowerment programme seeking to build social cohesion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, run by the Mozaik Foundation. YouthBank provides young people with grants for community projects and includes support from Mozaik teams and youth volunteers for...

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Children and Youth, Diversity, Migration and Social Inclusion, Global Challenges, Peace-building

Topic Icon 14 October 2020

How one man’s dream and good science saved a wetland treasure and sparked a global conservation movement

Words by Justin Woolford, pictures from Tour du Valat – for the MAVA Foundation Beyond borders In Southern France, where the Rhône meets the Mediterranean Sea, there’s a magical place where water and land embrace, where countless ponds, islets, marshes, reeds and streams fuse...

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Environment and Sustainable Development

Topic Icon 06 October 2020

RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action

RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action is a joint call by civil society, fisherfolk, indigenous people and philanthropic organisations to engineer bold action and safeguard the oceans. The call establishes a priority agenda and invites key decision-makers and stakeholders...

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Environment and Sustainable Development

Topic Icon 01 October 2020

Cultural Policy Research Award

The Cultural Policy Research Award honours young and talented researchers addressing topics of European relevance in the field of applied and comparative cultural policy. The award, worth €10,000, was granted to the best young researchers bringing forward valuable insights and...

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Arts and Culture, Children and Youth, Research, Science and Technology

Topic Icon 28 September 2020

#TechForHer: Map of Impact for Women & Girls

The #TechForHer: Map of Impact for Women & Girls is the first map of its kind, curating a series of projects worldwide where tech has been designed to address some of the biggest health and wellbeing issues facing women and...

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Gender, Research, Science and Technology

Topic Icon 23 September 2020

Officine Grandi Riparazioni

Officine Grandi Riparazioni, otherwise known as OGR, is a former train repair depot in Turin that has been re-imagined into a centre for the arts and innovation by Fondazione CRT. The goal of OGR is to create and support an...

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Arts and Culture, Environment and Sustainable Development

Topic Icon 18 September 2020

Saari Residence

The Saari Residence, maintained by the Kone Foundation, is a country house located in Mynämäki, in the southwest of Finland, that offers itself as a temporary residence for artists of all disciplines and nationalities to come together and create. The...

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Arts and Culture, Research, Science and Technology

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