Good Practices

Topic Icon 17 March 2021

Changemakers for Children

Changemakers for Children is an interactive platform created by the RISE Learning Network to facilitate exchange between child rights practitioners and encourage peer learning and shared problem solving. The RISE Learning Network is a hub of organisations working with children...

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Children and Youth, Health and Well-being, Human Rights and Citizenship

Topic Icon 10 March 2021

Resistance and Resilience

The Resistance and Resilience initiative by Mama Cash provides support for anonymous grantee-partners that are dealing with the effects of the shrinking space for civil society. In 2016 the Levi Strauss Foundation came together with Mama Cash and the Urgent...

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Diversity, Migration and Social Inclusion, Gender, Human Rights and Citizenship

Topic Icon 15 February 2021

Por Talento Digital

Por Talento Digital is a training programme run by Fundación ONCE that provides digital skills and technological professions for people with disabilities. With the aim of supporting the full inclusion of people with disabilities into the high demand digital labour market,...

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Disability, Diversity, Migration and Social Inclusion, Education

Topic Icon 04 February 2021


Futurium is an initiative of the German government together with leading German scientific organizations and German enterprises including Deutsche Telekom Stiftung to help society answer questions on our shared future. Since its ceremonial opening in September 2019, Futurium provides an...

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Diversity, Migration and Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Citizenship

Topic Icon 29 January 2021


The HUM-ANI project, supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation, seeks to support interdisciplinary research on the transmission of pathogens between wild animals, domestic animals, and humans. Led by Eve Miguel, researcher in Ecology and Epidemiology at the French National Research...

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Environment and Sustainable Development, Health and Well-being, Research, Science and Technology

Topic Icon 22 January 2021


RESPOND is a BMW Foundation accelerator program, powered by UnternehmerTUM, that supports entrepreneurs in leading the world towards a more sustainable, and just future. The program promotes both, responsible leadership, and sustainable business models, and seeks to provide participants with...

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Environment and Sustainable Development, Global Challenges, Peace-building

Topic Icon 15 January 2021

CAF Resilience Fund

The CAF Resilience Fund seeks to help charitable organisations in England that are supporting those hardest hit by the pandemic, initially distributing £20 million worth of grants to deliver rapid relief from the impact of COVID-19. Through the use of...

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Global Challenges, Peace-building, Health and Well-being, Socio-economic Development, Poverty

Topic Icon 04 December 2020

Innovation in Africa-Europe Relations beyond COVID-19

"Innovation in Africa-Europe Relations beyond COVID-19" is a series of events aiming to create a space where new innovations and initiatives to address an equal partnership between Africa and Europe can be discussed. This event series, co-hosted by the Robert...

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Global Challenges, Peace-building

Topic Icon 13 November 2020

Counting Sex Workers In!

The Counting Sex Workers In! campaign sought puts a spotlight on sex worker-led advocacy and highlight the voices and perspectives of sex workers of all genders so as to advance understanding that sex workers’ rights are human rights and a feminist...

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Gender, Human Rights and Citizenship

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