Working together

We connect our members to each other and to relevant actors in other sectors for inspiration and joint action. A key channel for this is our Thematic Networks. We also work directly with members to incubate their ideas into projects and programmes:

Thematic Networks

Core to the EFC are our Thematic Networks, groups of EFC members that come together around a theme of common interest. Each has a unique approach – from advocacy efforts to research projects to joint programmes, and several also hold annual conferences. We support these networks in whatever they would like to do, and we facilitate the creation of new networks based on members’ interests. The networks are broadly grouped under the following themes:


  • Disability Thematic Network (DTN)
  • Diversity Migration and Integration (DMI)
  • Gender Equality


  • European Environmental Funders Group (EEFG)
  • European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (EFSAF)


  • Funders’ Forum on Sustainable Cities (FFSC)
  • Grantmakers East Forum (GEF)

Specific fields

  • Arts and Culture
  • European Democracy Network
  • Research Forum

Turning ideas into projects and programmes

Our members are constantly generating ideas – for projects, exchange programmes, research, and cooperation. The EFC helps to bring these ideas to fruition. Using our own capacity and skills, we offer our members a safe space and support to connect them with the right partners to nurture their ideas into customised programmes and projects. Examples include:

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